Hotel Lesná Pricelist

Dear guest,

the prices of accommodation in Hotel Lesna are flexible and may vary depending on the date and room availability. If you book your accommodation well in advance, we guarantee you the lowest prices.

To verify the availability and prices of hotel accommodations at a specified time with confidence please contact hotel reception Lesná at +421 52 4761 000 and +421910998827 or fill in the reservation form.

from 153 Eur / night
from 183 Eur / night
from 213 Eur / night

Prices are valid from 1.1.2022 and include VAT and exclude local tax (1€ / person over 15 years old / night). Prices are per room per night with breakfast considering 2 adult guests.

The price includes:

  • Accomodation
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Entrance to the hotel pool for an adult once a day
  • High speed Wi-Fi connection,
  • Parking in front of the hotel

Other services for extra charge:

  • Extra bed: 97€/night including breakfast
  • Extra bed is not available in Double room
  • Early check-in from 10h: 10€ / Room
  • Check-out till 15h: 20 € / room, check-out till 18h: 40 € / room (after consulting with the reception)
  • Mountain view: 10€/apartment/night (not available in Double room)
  • Pets: Not allowed

If you have any questions concerning accommodation prices and service offerings we'll gladly answer them. Our reception is available for you 24 hours a day at +421 52 47 61 000 or +421 910998827.

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