The principles of good sauna

The principles of good sauna

  • Before entering the sauna have a shower and clean you skin thoroughly with soap.
  • Enter the sauna naked, with dried skin, it will help better perspiration.
  • Breathe mostly through your mouth, because hight temperatures can dry out mucosa and cause headaches
  • In the sauna it is recommended to sit or lie only on the sheet
  • Sauna is a place for relaxation, so please speak quiter and be considerate of other visitors.
  • During perspiration you can perform some self massage, just with hands, or with a body massage brush. It will help skin blood circulation and its purification.
  • The perfect blood circulation is achieved within 10-15 minutes. Afterwards take advantage of a cooling shower, ice bucket, refresh yourself with ice.
  • Cool your body from feet upwards sol long as you don not feel cold.
  • Dry yourself and spend at least 10 minutes resting. Then you can return to sauna. You can repeat this for your sound health three times.
  • In the sauna area you are not allowed to consume food, alcoholic beverages or to smoke.
  • Should you happen to have nausea, ask immediately for help with any of wellness staff.

When is the sauna to be avoided?

If you suffer form:

  • signs of acute illness,
  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • inflammation of upper respiratory tract,
  • fever,
  • cough or runny nose,
  • headache or malaise,
  • skin diseases, festering open wounds, bleeding cuts, communicable diseases or are a infection carrier,
  • if you are under influence of alcohol or any other addictive substances.

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