Wellness area

Wellness area

The healing properties of the sauna have been known since time immemorial. Hot air in sauna induces perspiration and excretion of harmful substances, opens skin pores, improves the blood circulation, flexibility and appearance.

It accelerates metabolism, has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effects and kills the mites that live on the human body. At the same time it gives you calm and relaxation. That is why we have prepared several types of sauna, combining which you can create your own wellness. We added to the area outdoor and indoor whirlpool and sensory showers, and a bucket full of cold water of the Tatra mountains.

Finnish sauna

It has beneficial effects on your health. Staying in it is recommended for the prevention of diseases and also increases the resistance capability of your health. Perspiration purge toxins from the body and cooling down after sauna has a positive effect on your blood vessels. Finnish sauna is used for regeneration and relaxation, strengthening your resistance to stress load, helping you rest after physical and mental exertion and strengthens your body's defenses.

Sauna enables overall sweat bath in the hot, dry air. Humidity is 10% to 25%, the ideal temperature is between 75 and 100°C. Part of sauna is the so called steam impact (sudden increase of air humidity, for example by pouring water on hot stones), changing the evacuation of perspiration, and the core temperature of the body is further increased. An inseparable part of sauna is the subsequent cooling with cold water (shower, immersion bath or swimming). The stay in the sauna should not last more than 15 minutes, and subsequent cooling and rest are highly recommended.

Length of stay: 15 minutes / Temperature: 75-100°C.

Salt steam sauna

Steam sauna effects on the human body are remarkable. Hot steam is listed among the reliable healers. The properties of salt steam sauna (sometimes also called salt grotto) are very high humidity – up to 100%, and the temperature that is lower than in the Finnish sauna (only about 40 to 45°C). The sauna is filled with salt vapors, especially beneficial to the respiratory system, purifying the body, encouraging blood circulation.

Many recommend the procedure to those who suffer from respiratory diseases, such as bronchial asthma, pulmonary diseases, chronic bronchitis, sinus inflammation, respiratory allergy in adults and children. To achieve the healthy physiological responses is sufficient a stay of about 15 minutes.

Length of stay: 15 minutes / Temperature: 40-45°C

Steam herbal sauna

A stay in steam herbal sauna quickly gives you the feeling of relaxation and unique stress relief. The dissipation of heat and herbal steam are perfect for skin, hair and respiratory care, freeing your body of impurities and counteracting fatigue and headaches.

Vapor helps our body to get rid of up to 30% of accumulated toxins. High temperature stimulates the immune system and essential oils help you achieve a deeper and more relaxing sleep. The temperature in the sauna ranges from 40 to 45°C and the humidity is about 100%. The recommended length of stay in the sauna is max. 20 min.

Length of stay: 20 minutes / Temperature: 40-45°C

Ice bucket

An inseparable part of the sauna is the subsequent cooling with cold water. Conditioning of the body after a visit to the sauna supports blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. Bucket full of ice water is hardy in store for all who need to relieve the heat in the body. It gives you feeling of power that runs through the whole body and stimulates blood circulation through each part of your body.

Temperature: 9 - 12 °C

Sensory shower

Enjoy the touches of fresh drops of summer, or tropical rain. Their power and energy will stimulate your body and refresh your soul just like occasional summer rain. Massage shower has relaxing effects. It is beneficial for the physical and mental stress of the organism.


The essence of the positive effects of hydrotherapy is the combination of perfect water temperature, buoyancy and targeted flow. Hydrotherapy strengthens blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, relaxes the muscles and stimulates the immune system. It also acts beneficially on the human psyche, eliminates stress, anxiety and depression, stimulates tolerance, creates a feeling of euphoria, relaxation and peace. It also stimulates the production of endorphins, thereby accelerating the relief of pain and fatigue. Immerse yourself and treat yourself to a pleasurable water micromassage with a myriad of small bubbles, which releases the muscles tension in your whole body.

Length of stay: 10 minutes / Temperature: 37 °C

Tepidarium, relaxation area

After a stay in the sauna or whirlpool you are welcome to relax in the relaxation area combined with the tepidarium.

Tepidarium is a relaxation area with heated beds, of anatomical, round shapes which serve to relax and unwind. Relaxing atmosphere with beautiful views of Lomnicky Peak allows you to forget about everyday worries.

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