• Values


The three fundamental values of L'Occitane highlight the uniqueness of you experience jedinečnosť
in Lesná Spa by L'Occitane.

... authenticity

... sensuality

... respect


History of L'Occitane in Provence began in 1976. Its founder, Olivier Baussan, inspired by the culture of the Mediterranean region, has developed a natural, highly effective care products for face and body. His dream was to preserve the traditions of the region known for the healing properties of its plants. He began with collecting rosemary that was used for the production of pure essential oils.

The oil was sold on traditional markets, and has quickly won many domestic supporters. This created the brand L'Occitane, whose makers still every year look for new natural herbal ingredients and use traditional production methods to create high-quality cosmetic products.

The current L'Occitane laboratories are a combination of traditional and modern. Natural herbal ingredients that are known for centuries, and recent scientific discoveries are combined for the creation of unique beauty products with exceptional active ingredients, excellent aroma and high efficiency. The strength of the brand is the result of many years of research to create each product, built on more than 200 original plant ingredients and over 40 organic ingredients - AOC labele clearly defines areas of production. Since its inception, L'Occitane respects the values that ensure the brand's success: authenticity, respect, sensuality and continuous improvement.

Today, it's more than just a philosophy. It is a resolution that results in an incredible amount of valuable quality products: natural ingredients, skilled farmers and traditional production processes. The high efficiency of L'Occitane cosmetics is the result of a perfect balance between tradition, innovative methods and huge research base. This guarantees the brand's production to be popular among millions of men and women all over the world. Today it is sold in 87 countries in more than 1,800 stores and showrooms and 2,000 stores at airports and wholesale stores.

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