Skin care

Skin care

Immortelle secret of youth

This skin treatment effectively addresses the visible signs of aging: wrinkles, skin loosening and lack of tenderness. The result is a smoother, firmer, visibly younger looking skin.

60 min. / 68 €

Immortelle divine secret of everlasting youth

Luxurious anti-aging skin treatment designed to fight effectively the visible signs of aging. It improves facial contours and due to prolonged massage of the face and extensive treatment of the neck area, it promotes overall beauty and youth. Face and neck look visibly younger!

90 min. / 88 €

Immortelle youthfull eyes

The treatment increases the microcirculation in the skin around the eyes, thereby achieving a fresh, rested and youthful appearance of the eye area. Perfect for anyone with fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and swelling around the eyes.

25 min. / 32 €

Immortelle divine eyes

Complete rejuvenation of the eye area! The 40-minute procedure involves the use of our divine recipe that together with the original hot and cold care has a strong lifting effect and intensively treats signs of aging. Perfect luxury treat for the eyes and a splendid moment of relaxation!

40 min. / 48 €

Treatment with nourishing shea butter

This treatment is designed to address the specific needs of sensitive skin. The procedure aims to strengthen and protect the skin, using the intensive nutrition of shea butter, very soft peeling and cooling moments. Such a restructuring and moisturizing ingredient as shea butter will bring your skin a long-lasting feeling of comfort and nutrition.

60 min. / 68 €

Peony sublime beauty

The perfect treatment for sublime skin with a natual radiance boost. Treatment immediately and visibly creates a perfect-looking skin. Combined with drainage massage sequence, that stimulates circulation and eliminates toxins, this facial helps beautify skin.

60 min. / 68 €

Cedrat – the vitalizing skin treatment for men

Treatment that is designed to meet the specific needs of men's skin, leaving skin instantly radiant, full of energy and hydrated.

60 min. / 68 €

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