Discover the rituals of Provence

Discover the rituals of Provence

To provide you with perfect relaxation and a feeling of well-being in Lesná Spa by L'OCCITANE we have designed for you certain rituals for couples, that are combinations of several treatments.

Provencal sensual awakening

Revitalizing aromachologie massage combined with Immortelle secret of youth.

120 min. / 124 €

Cedrat – Intense and refreshing treatment for men

Enjoy the Deep tissue intense relief followed by a refreshing skin treatment for men.

120 min. / 124 €

Almond – Perfect silhouette

Almond firming peeling combined with Almond silhouette reshape.

120 min. / 124 €

Triple life energizer for a couple

Invigorating bath with verbena, followed by a body peeling with shea butter. The whole process of regeneration is completed by a miraculous treatment that awakens your body and mind – Aromachology Revitalizing massage with essential oils of pine, mint, rosemary and lemon.

150 min. / 239 €

A joyful moment for two

Treatment full of beneficial shea butter – moisturizing bath, peeling with nourishing shea butter, accompanied by nourishing skin care.

90 min. / 151 €

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