Body treatments

Body treatments

Relaxing aromachologie massage

The combination of Swedish gentle rubbing, Chinese acupressure and massage techniques from Bali stimulates blood circulation, releases tension and eliminates stress. Your body and mind will feel deeply relaxed and calm, and you will fall asleep much easier.

60min. / 68€

90min. / 88€

Relaxing aromachologie massage of back

This relaxing massage focuses on releasing tension and stress in the area of back, shoulders and neck. Aromachology essential oils – lavender, tea tree and geranium – ensure complete relaxation.

25min. / 32€

Revitalising aromachologie massage

This massage combines gentle Swedish massage, intense massage Lomi Lomi and massage techniques from Bali. This great combination will help to reinvigorate your body and mind. Massage concentrates on stimulating your blood circulation. It is suitable for people suffering from chronic fatigue.

60 min./68€

Deep tissue intense relief

This massage consists of intense Lomi Lomi pressure techniques, acupressure traits and gentle stretching. It relieves muscle tension and is focused on your back, shoulders and neck. The result bolsters deep balance for your whole body. It is ideal for sportsmen/sportswomen and travelers for quick recovery from a long flight (jet-lag).

60min. / 68€

90min. / 88€

SIGNATURE TREATMENT - Hot stones massage

We bring you an unique experience in the form of our signature treatment, created specially for the guests of Lesná Spa by L'OCCITANE. Whole body massage with hot stones helps to relieve muscle tension and pain, reduces stress and promotes sleep. The heat from the stones, placed on the body, gets into the deeper tissues, thus releasing even very stiff muscles and provides the extra relaxation you need. Combined with the nourishing and repairing properties of Shea butter oil, this unique sequence leaves skin soft and body deeply replenished.

75 min./ 78€

Almond silhouette reshape

This slimming treatment is based on a combination of lymphatic drainage and specific tonification and firming movements that are focused on the areas most affected by cellulite: legs, abdomen and buttocks, that improve blood circulation and skin elasticity. The result is a feeling of slimmer waist and hips and intense feeling of lightness in the whole body! Ideal spring treatment and also suitable as a supplement in detoxication of the body and after pregnancy.

60 min./ 68€

Aromatic harmony massage with verbena

The iconic fragrances of Provence have been captured in sets of herbal pouches. Massaged all over the body they infuse the relaxing and refreshing benefits of Lavender and Verbena. Gentle pressure relieves muscle tension and brings back inner warmth to the body. A unique sensation to retrieve inner peace and bring balance to your body.

90min. / 88€

Shea ultra- softening hand care

Treatment that in just 25 min. nourishes, softens and protects the skin of your hands... it will make them more beautiful than ever. Designed to be combined with other treatments in Lesná Spa by L'OCCITANE, and to conquer the visible signs of aging of the skin on the hands.

25min. / 32€

Shea ultra- softening foot care

The legs are the most stressed parts of the body. They are constantly under the pressure of the body weight, shoes, walking and physical activity, and therefore your feet require the same attention and care as any other part of our body. This 45-minute treatment leaves your legs relaxed, regenerated and smooth! Also, your body will feel lighter!

45min. / 48€

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