Hotel Rules & Regulations

Hotel Rules & Regulations

  1. Only persons who have fully registered at the reception desk may be accommodated at the hotel.
  2. For registration & check-in it is necessary to present either an identity card, valid passport or other valid document of identification and sign the
  3. The hotel provides services in the range and quality defined by the relevant decree on the categorization of accommodation facilities for the given category and class.
  4. During their stay registered guests prove their identity by showing the hotel card.
  5. The hotel may in exceptional cases offer the guest other than the agreed accommodation unless it is not substantially different from the confirmed order.
  6. The hotel has the right to refuse to accommodate guests who have arrived in higher number of persons than was agreed upon reservation.
  7. Check-in is possible from 14:00. Room is reserved till 24:00 unless stated otherwise in the reservation confirmation. After 24:00 accommodation is considered cancelled.
  8. Hotel’s duty is to provide guests with the room category they have booked. If the Hotel cannot provide the room category on guest's confirmation, then a room of higher category has to be offered to the guest for the same price as the original room.
  9. If the guest requests an extension of their stay, the hotel may offer him room other than the one in which he was originally accommodated.
  10. The hotel is responsible for items brought by the guest into hotel premises only if they have been placed in designated areas for such items.Hotel accepts liability for money and valuables as of §433 Civil Code only if they have been deposited in the main hotel safe and verified in writing by a hotel employee.
  11. In case of a serious illness or injury the hotel will ensure that the guest receives medical treatment and if necessary will arrange transfer to the hospital.
  12. The guest uses the room during the time agreed with the hotel.
  13. If the accommodation time is not agreed in advance, the guest will leave the room no later than 10:00 a.m. on the departure day. In case of later check-out price for next night will be charged.
  14. When the room is occupied, the guest in his / her own interest will check the condition and functionality of the room facilities, if any deficiencies will occur, informes immediately the hotel reception.
  15. Guest agrees that housekeeping attendant, maintenance attendant and/or manager on duty can enter his room to fulfill their service duties.
  16. In the room and in public areas of the hotel, the guest may not move, repair or interfere with telephone, Internet and television receivers, hair dryers, or electrical networks or other installations without the permission of the hotel management.
  17. Guests are not allowed to use their own electric appliances on the hotel premises, particularly in their room. This rule does not apply to electric appliances used for personal hygiene, e.a. shaving machine, hair dryer etc. (230 V).
  18. Before leaving the room, guests are asked to close water taps, turn off electrical appliances, turn off lighting in the room, close windows and doors. Upon check-out, the door card needs to be returned at the reception. When lost, a fee of 10 € will be charged.
  19. All our guestrooms are non smoking. By violation of no-smoking policy a fee of €100 will be charged to cover the cost of chemical cleaning of the room.
  20. For security reasons children under the age of 10 are not allowed to be left alone or out of sight in the hotel premises.
  21. Guests are not allowed to take to their room sporting gear and equipment for which the hotel has a designated storage room.
  22. Silent hours are from 10.00 p.m. till 6.00 a.m.
  23. Guests are responsible for any damage to hotel property in accordance with the valid regulations.
  24. The bill for the room and all services is generally paid at the end of the guest’s stay during checkout. One night stay is paid within check-in. Long term guests are asked to settle their account once a week.
  25. The hotel has the right to refuse to accommodate a guest with a transmittable disease, parasitic infection or other illness that could pose a health risk to other hotel guests and hotel staff. In the event that a guest conceals such condition and despite it accommodates himself in the hotel, the hotel has the right to require such guest to pay the costs associated with the professional pest controll and/or desinfection of the guest room.
  26. Dogs and other animals may be accommodated in the hotel only with the consent of the hotel, provided that the owner demonstrates their innocuous state of health and after paying the fee for animal. Guests are responsible for any damage to hotel property caused by their animal.
  27. The guest is obliged to adhere to these HOTEL RULES & REGULATIONS and Operation Instructions of all hotel departments from the moment he rented the room. In case of violation, the hotel has the right to withdraw from the accommodation agreement before the agreed time.
  28. The log for guests' suggestions for improvements or complaints is located at the reception.

Valid from 1. January 2018
Ing. Jozef Ivanič
Director of hotel Lesná ****

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