HOTEL LESNÁ**** - Oasis of relax

The first adult-friendly hotel in Slovakia!

Hotel Lesná**** is a luxurious hotel with fresh, modern and cozy atmosphere in Stará Lesná village, in the foothills of the High Tatras. It is an oasis of relax with stylish accommodation, unique wellness and the first and only Spa by L´Occitane in Slovakia, renowned cuisine under the guidance of Peter Ďurčo and mainly personal approach to guests. These are all attributes for which it is becoming an increasingly popular place for many visitors.

Despite this trend, we had families with children lacking children´s services in the hotel. The trend in tourism clearly points to highly differentiated products and individualization of the offer. And as there are several hotels of the same category focusing their services and facilities on families and children, we have decided to make a competitive advantage and create contrast with other hotels in the surroundings. We have created a place where the adults can peacefully relax and enjoy their peace and tranquility.

Thus, on January 1, 2018, when the concept was put into practice, the hotel Lesná**** became again the first and only hotel in Slovakia with the attribute adult-friendly hotel.

We decided to partially change model of operation after positive recommendations from hotels in other parts of Europe. In the near and far abroad countries, it is already a common practice that hotels not accommodating children are formed. Guests of every age category are still welcome in our hotel but our services will specialize in adult clients. In our hotel you will not find any children´s beds, children´s chairs, children´s menu or children´s playground and animations, a child will not be accommodated for a discounted price. But our guests travelling with children can remain calm. We will recommend our clients with children up to 15 years to accommodate within the dependence hotel Lesná**** (apartment accommodation) or in our nearby hotel Forton***, which is only 250 m from hotel Lesná**** and has facilities for a child client.

Our basic idea has always been to provide guests with the top quality services at a reasonable price. Our endeavor is not only to provide our guests with luxury and comfort but also to offer them enough time for themselves, allow them to enjoy the silence of the whole resort and undisturbed relax. For this reason, we are the ideal hotel for romantic weekends, honeymoons, anniversary celebrations, wellness weekends or our traditional gastro weekends, which are always organized with a prominent chef from abroad.

The vast majority of our guests do not come for classic family one-week-long holiday but they prefer to stay for shorter period, most often for a long weekend full of peace and relax. When introducing the concept of adult-friendly, we are thinking of all those who really want to relax in a short time. Adult travelers can intentionally search for hotels that offer them relaxation without higher intensity sounds. Let´s admit that despite our love for children, there are situations when your aim is to relax without childish crying and shouting. And the hotel´s aim was to create better conditions for the satisfaction of this selected target group and to offer our guest the potential that we have eagerly built together with our unique services. Our motto has always been “Enjoy relaxing in luxury style”. The idea of this concept has become a key issue for us. This alternative is as natural as hotels for families with children, hotels for seniors, etc. that focus on a selected group by means of services they provide. Finally, the visitors themselves choose such a hotel in order to meet their demands and wishes as a target group. It is common in the world that except for childless couples even the parents of children who need to relax search for such type of accommodation. So:

  • Do you not have children yet? We are ideal hotel for you.
  • Have your kids already grown? Take a moment for yourself.
  • Do you have children? Let them spend time with their grandparents and give yourselves rare moments as a couple. Enjoy moments without your own children or children of other guests.

Enjoy undisturbed moments in a quiet environment out of the busy center of the Tatras and in a peaceful atmosphere of the adult-friendly hotel Lesná****.

Welcome to this extraordinary place where we will enable you to slow down, regenerate, indulge in pampering and enjoy the pleasure of perfect relaxation.

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