Claims and Complaints Policy

Claims and Complaints Policy

To ensure the correct procedure for handling complaints about deficiencies on the goods sold and services provided at Hotel Lesná****, pursuant to Act no. 250/2007 Z.z. On Consumer Protection, the following CLAIMS & COMPLAINTS POLICY has been issued:


Right to claim

Client has the right to claim any deficiencies in the services provided and the faults of the purchased goods, including the right to remove faults, exchange products, provide a new service or a reasonable discount of the agreed price of the services or goods paid.


Object of the claim

Deficiencies in the quality of food and beverages intended for immediate consumption must be claimed immediatelyupon their discovery, directly with the service staff.

If the deficiencies of food and beverages intended for immediate consumption relate to quantity and weight, they must be claimed before commencing consumption.

Defects in other goods or services are claimed by the client at the hotel where he purchased the goods or service immediatelly, without undue delay, based on the receipt from the electronic cash register. Faults of goods can be claimed only by the end of their warranty period. Without a proof of purchase, the hotel does not have to accept the claim.

Complaints about deficiencies in accommodation are to be addressed to the reception staff without undue delay. The right to complain about deficiencies in accommodation will expire if it has not been claimed within 6 months of service.

When submitting a claim, the client shall provide all relevant documents as to the provision of the service or the acquisition of the goods.


Procedure for handling complaints

Food & beverage

Food defects are considered irreparable. If a food or beverage defect occurs, the client has the right to request replacement, discount or refund of the amount paid.

If the correct quality, weight, quantity or temperature of meals and drinks is not delivered, the client has the right to request free, proper and immediate removal of the defect.


Client is entitled to request free, proper and timely removal of deficiencies, namely:

  • replacement of faulty or delivery of missing small room equipment
  • in casetechnical faults cannot be repaired (failure of the heating system, weak water pressure, lack of hot water, etc.) and if the hotel can not provide alternative accommodation for the client, the client is entitled to a discount of the accommodation price or to withdrawal from the contract before overnight stay and thus return of the paid accommodation price

All claims shall be delivered to hotel receptionist, who informes the guest about competent manager responsible for solution of the claim. Claims shall be handled by the competent manager, who is obliged to examine the complaint, issue a written acknowledgment of receiving the claim and decide on the manner in which it is to be resolved.

If the two parties cannot agree on the way the complaint should be resolved, the competent manager is obliged to fill out a complaint record with the client. The complaint record needs to contain the exact description of the service provided or of the goods purchased, the time the service was provided or the goods purchased and a description of deficiency. If the client submits a written proof of purchase of goods/services to the hotel when filling out the complaint record, this fact shall be explicitly stated therein.

The elegibility of the claim shall be decided by the hotel director or competent manager immediately, in complex cases not later than within 3 business days. If expert opinion is necessary to evaluate the claimed deficiency, the deadline for resolving a complaint is 30 days.

The client receives a copy of the complaint record and after 14 days is contacted to be asked about satisfaction with the complaint proceedings.


Client´s cooperation

The client is required to provide the necessary assistance to resolve a claim, in particular by providing true information about the service or purchased goods.

If necessary in order to examine the elegibility of the claim, the client will allow the hotel personnell access to his room.


Final provision

This CLAIMS & COMPLAINTS POLICY shall take effect on 1st January 2018

Jozef Ivanič

Director of hotel Lesná****

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